What comes to your mind when you hear the word inspection? If you’re a regular homeowner, you probably think about the house and car inspections.  

However, it is worth considering tree inspections as well if there are trees on your property. These evaluations include a comprehensive assessment of the branches, bark, and trunk of your tree. Typically, it’s done by an expert arborist.  

These regular assessments are vital for tree care and maintenance. However, how often should you hire a tree service Charlotte company for inspection? Do you really need it even if your trees are well and healthy? 

Frequency of a Tree Inspection 

Even if your trees aren’t damaged and are growing well, it is crucial to get routine tree assessments. The precise frequency varies on the climate, your property, and your trees. However, it is generally suggested to inspect your trees every 3 years.  

Also, you need to inspect your tree if you experience severe weather, such as drought or thunderstorms. On the other hand, you will require an inspection if you discover indications of declining health, such as pests or dying branches. This will help you prevent any dangerous issues down the line. 

How Do Professionals Perform Tree Inspection? 

A tree inspection starts with the tree professional working through a systematic assessment. Typically, they begin by inspecting the root collar of the tree and the soil that surrounds it. They are looking for things such as discoloration, trunk girdling, or fungi. These things can present a structural problem. 

Next, the professional will move up systematically. He or she will look at the trunk of your tree in sections. They’ll check for hollow areas, structural cracks, or loose bark that will show that there are pests living inside the tree.  

Once they’re done, the tree professional will move up once again. They will inspect carefully the structural branches. They’ll check how they are attached to the trunk. Also, they are searching all the way out to the tips of the branches and searching for issues there.  

While all of this is done from the ground, a professional arborist will exactly know what to search for. The truth is that it isn’t uncommon for a professional to discover a dangerous limb that the homeowner never even noticed since it is hidden inside the tree’s canopy. 

Why is Tree Inspection Important? 

Perhaps you have heard of the popular saying “prevention is better than cure”. Well, this is true. That saying can also be applied to trees.  

A professional tree inspection enables a professional tree care company to recognize and resolve issues before they become dangerous or expensive issue.  

A professional arborist can do a lot of things during a tree inspection. This includes: 

  • Identify the ideal soil for your trees 
  • Recognize particular watering needs 
  • Protect your property and family by getting rid of branches that might fall 
  • Identify structural damage, particularly after a severe weather 
  • Recognize infestations of pests 
  • Diagnose tree illnesses 

If you don’t know how to inspect your trees, hiring a local arborist is the way to go.