It is a must for every car owner to clean their windshield. This is one of those reminders that you need to follow for you to have a safe travel or driving. If you’re not going to do this, then you may face different kinds of difficulties, such as having a hard time looking at the things outside your car. Another thing here is that the problem of those broken windshield or Joondalup windscreens. The cracks may get bigger, and it will be difficult for you to repair. That could be also expensive. 

Others may think that they’re doing the right way of cleaning their windshield. Others are not conscious enough to find their mistakes. They can discover the problem once it’s already big enough. The only option, they have is to repair or replace the broken part. You may read some of the guidelines in a book. Most of the car manufacturers will give you some ideas on how you can clean and remove the dirt on your windscreen. There are some products as well that you must buy for it to be effective. 

It is normal for us to see that some car owners will sweep the glass screen of their car. For ordinary people they would think that there’s nothing wrong with doing it. The problem will arise once used to whip the glass of the windscreen when it is totally dry. You must be aware of the type of clothing or a piece of cloth that you are using to clean it. It is recommended to use microfiber type of cloth. Using those common type of rags may lead to serious problems. It can be one of the reasons why your glass has some scratches.  

It is common as well to see that some people would settle themselves by using some bath soap or detergent. It is not recommended, and you should not use this one. It can be harmful because of the chemicals. There are tendencies that it will scratch your screen because of the solution in that soap. There is a specific type of car soap that you can buy from your local market. It is nice as well that you check this one with your mechanic so that they can give a proper plan and guide when washing or cleaning your car.  

You should also avoid using those solutions that you use to clean your home. They have different properties and functions to use. It can be harmful to the windshield of your car because of the toxic or harsh property that it has. It is your responsibility as well to replace your old wiper with a new one. This can be a big help especially that the wiper is not doing the function that you are expecting from them.  

Don’t try to use tissue paper to dry your windshield. It is also safe to use the microfiber when sweeping or drying it. You may want to check the right steps as well to remove the ice.